Our range of seamless flooring includes Polished concrete effect flooring, also known as Micro concrete, UV resistant White resin flooring, Seamless Terrazzo and many other systems including fast cure systems.

Terrazzo Flooring

One of the oldest flooring systems dating back to Roman times. A seamless, timeless and hardwearing, epoxy resin terrazzo floor finish comprising a blend of aggregates to deliver a contemporary aesthetic. Using many different materials such as crushed clear, coloured and mirrored glass alongside metallic particles, these systems create an elegant finish, used in all […]

Self Smoothing Resin

Available in almost any colour including White, in silk or a matt finish, our smooth resin system adds a real minimalistic look and provides the perfect canvas for any living or commercial area. Using flexible resin systems to ensure no cracking and maintaining the seamless quality of resin flooring.

Decorative Quartz

Available in many blends of colours, quartz is a hard wearing decorative epoxy resin floor topping made up of colour stable quartz granules encapsulated in a clear resin binder. If increased slip resistance is required, we can broadcast the quartz to provide adequate slip resistance.

Decorative Flake systems

These can be a range of reflective colours and can also include glitter to add that little bit of sparkle to catch the light and add a touch of elegance to any room. These are also available in our fast cure range meaning smaller areas can be done in just one day.

Residential Floors

Our range of residential resin and polished concrete effect flooring are perfect for residential use, compatible with underfloor heating systems, we give you the perfect seamless canvas to your own design idea

Polished Concrete Effect Flooring

Our stone floor range is available in natural concrete tones, poured seamlessly at just 5mm, a typical installation takes just 2-3 days and works well with underfloor heating. It has the same look and feel as traditional concrete but without the prolonged curing times and the need for a 100mm thickness, ideal for refurbishing almost […]

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